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“Until You”

The song “Until You” came to me from reading a post from a Donnie McClurkin song that I guy named Marcus Stanley (an R&B musician) he had posted the words “I never knew just how much God loved me…...I was shot eight times… and he began to tell his story. I googled Marquez Stanley to see if his story was national news, and it was. I began to read what had happen to him on a night after a concert on the wrong side of Baltimore Maryland he said he was walking to the store and realized he didn’t have his wallet on him after a concert but he hadn’t reached the store yet and realized he forgot it so he turned back around to go and get it, he then noticed some guys off to the side, when he returned to the same area, one of the guys said to him what are you doing out here? He responded “I’m just chilling” The guy replied we got a roll out. that’s when the guy pulled a gun from his jacket and pointed it at Stanley and shot him in the chest.

After falling to the ground the guy shot him seven more times. Marcus remembered lying there on the ground bleeding and in a pool of blood he could barely breath, but it was then he envisioned a 7 foot Angel Standing over him and realized that it was an angel of protection. After Stanley arrived to the hospital they had notified him that he had: damaged colon,  damage to half of his stomach which they removed, removed his spleen and half of his pancreas and underwent intensive surgeries, this meant months of rehab to even learn to walk again. Stanley lived to tell about it, and now travels the world sharing his story and sharing his love of music which includes talking with youth groups and high school students and now he tells that it’s more about what God is done in his life and making God famous and giving God the glory.

I had read the story and saw the words that I had written down on a piece of paper that said I never knew just how much God loved me and then the words started to flow, the simple truth of the gospel John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…. and it hit me, ” I never knew just how much God love me “Until you”  The Song Was Born.


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