Growing up I was greatly influenced by my families love for music, especially by my late Grandfather Virgil Mullins. He sang Roots Music, traditional Bluegrass, and played the mandolin, along with my mother, and my uncle, who played the guitar and also sang. It was there I first discovered my love for music, singing, & songwriting, and it has played the leading role in my life ever since the early age of three. I penned my first song in 1988 titled “We Will Rise” I played piano & guitar and sang with my grandparents quartet “The Jericho Travelers” from 12 years old until 17.

They traveled all over West Virginia to different churches, it was there I honed my “Southern Gospel Sound” I have played piano and sang with numerous professional Country & Gospel artists, from Jack Greene, Jeannie Seeley, Jan Howard, and Jean Shepard from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to The Gospel Harmony Boys & the Royal Heirs. I have written over 500 Country, Christian & Gospel songs and have performed across the U.S. for over 20 plus years.

I gave my life to Christ when I was eleven years old, and was baptized the same year. I grew up in the west end of Huntington WV. I attended Marshall University, & Middle Tennessee State University, Where I majored in audio engineering and music law, But after college I decided to move back to West Virginia and start my music career on the road. No better place to learn the ropes but first hand. (not a glamorous life to say the least)

I launched VECA Records under the name Family Tree Entertainment INC. in late 2001 in Ashland KY. With the success of a Bluegrass group, Bottomline from Greenup Kentucky. This group we were able help catapult their career and then blessed to receive a 2003 Dove Award nomination for Bluegrass Gospel album of the year. VECA is now located in the heart of downtown Tampa Bay, and has a roster over 20 signed artist, from all genre’s of the Christian Music Industry.

I love the Lord with all my heart, and ask God daily to help me become a man of constant prayer, and not to always try to do everything on my own.

– Creed